Gaiters Long Narrow Canvas

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This is part of the range of gaiters that cater for the farming and hunting communities. This long narrow size are ideal for wearing with boots and longer socks. The narrow gaiters are made for those of us with “flamingo” legs.

Ripstop canvas is durable and waterproof. The one drawback of canvas gaiters is the amount of noise made when rubbing against each other.

The gaiters are well engineered, with a double 20 mm elastic at the top. This ensures a firm fit around the calves, preventing debris from entering your socks. The Velcro at the back means that you can put on and remove the gaiters without the need to take your boots off. The press studs at the top and bottom of the Velcro prevents the Velcro from opening. The lace hook in front prevents the gaiter from moving up over the top of your footwear.

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Gaiters Long Narrow Canvas – Size : 240 x 270 mm